Accelerate your smart contracts with Bitcoin SV

ETH Smart contracts, NFTs and Tokens are easily transpiled into BSV script in just a few steps.


We transform ETH smart contracts to a new level of efficiency.

With the BSV Transpiler you can 1:1 convert many of the most popular Ethereum smart contracts directly into BSV scripts.

BSV offers dynamic unbounded scaling and 1000x lower transaction fees, fit for blockchain enterprise applications and smart contracts.

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A New Era of Blockchain Utility

What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin SV is with a 104mb average blocksize the fastest scaling public blockchain in the world. The network is robust, scalable and predictable cheap, ideal to run your advanced smart contracts and dApps. Reduce your network fees by 99.99% by moving over existing solidity contracts to the BSV network.

Unbounded Scalability

Bitcoin SV is a UTXO based system that can handle over 50k TX/s

Guaranteed Low Fees

Miner competition guarantees high throughput and low fees.

Turing Complete

Any operation be emulated within the BSV script language.

Jump into a new Dimension

The BSV transpiler makes converting your Ethereum smart contrats easy. Our interactive interface lets you modernize your stack with just a few clicks.


Powering BitcoinSV developers globally

The leading BSV ecosystem companies rely on the sCrypt
smart contract language to power their products.

$0.00001Average Transaction fee
345Active Developers
23,345Smart contracts issued
1,251,345Lines of code transpiled